A Product Manager’s cheat-sheet to deliver great features

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I changed my job a few months ago. I interviewed with a few companies on my way to find the right place for me. In several interviews I was asked: “Would you say your stakeholders were happy with your performance? Why?”

Were my stakeholders happy? I felt very appreciated by my stakeholders, I was told several times they liked my work, and they prefered if I took care of sensitive topics. They knew I will deliver good solutions.

My new stakeholders are also happy with my work.

But why? I didn’t really have the answer.

I started paying attention to how I plan features. What do I focus on? What do I emphasis? After sometime, I realised there are three principles leading, more often than not, to good features: Effectiveness, Simplicity, and Durability.


Álvaro Hurtado

Product Manager, Web Engineer, Chef Amateur

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