• dogo


    dogo is free-to-use software that helps you get feedback on your pitch deck and share it with investors

  • danny crasto

    danny crasto

    Computers like me. Part of the whodey nation and the #BBN

  • Mohamed Imran

    Mohamed Imran

    Current rebuilding a telco from the ground up. Previously - first designer at @Careem and at @dubizzle. Startupper at heart with a love for starting things!

  • Robin Gomez

    Robin Gomez

    Sin seguidores, el mal no puede extenderse. ~ Spock

  • Naveed ur Rahman

    Naveed ur Rahman

    Ability to see the world in zeroes and ones makes me less violent, if not more loving. Programmer by profession. Rebel by nature. Entrepreneur by choice.

  • Krystel


    Product Manager

  • A Sebastian Dietzel

    A Sebastian Dietzel

  • Pablo Alonso

    Pablo Alonso

    Diseñador de Producto

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